21 April 2012

Sawasdee Khap, Bangkok!

This is another series of my Thailand trip pictures. Taken in some places; Grand Palace, temple along the street-side, Chatuchak Market, and Khaosan Road. These are just a very few pictures of them. 

FDJ on Chatuchak Market
Groceries-man on Khaosan Road

These two are my fave picts.

The Goddess

Khop khun khap, Bangkok!
And khop khun khap, Lana for helping me picked some tones in several pictures.

16 April 2012


This is 4:16 in the morning when I started writing.
Haven't sleep
Sentimental atmosphere.
Half done reading materials for my Strategic Management's mid exam for this 9:40 morning and the effort of letting in those materials are so useless. I'm too lazy and got other thing to think of. Then opened my blog account, just wanna write some random things popped in my head right now.

Listening to Mian Tiara's album while doing a little blog-walking, reading friend's deep-and-fully-hearted tweets, and re-reading boyfriend's short messages. Additional information, we haven't met for days because he is on a kind of short movie production (or whatsoever it calls).
I can't bear my sense of longing.

Contemplation struck.
I never had a space for my own freedom. Freedom to show who I actually, really am.
Too much barriers. True.

Then I'm thinking if I was born in other family.
Would I be this "restricted"?
Could I do stuff I want and I like liberally? Then show it to people with a sincere openness and trusts given from the parents?
Would my parents fully support me? Even, doing things I love together?

Haha, yes. I should be thankful for coming in to this family.
I'm just wondering.
Have you ever been like this? Feeling not free? Feeling so restricted?

I've got this post saved as draft at first.

Think twice, and let this mumbling and random things published.

08 April 2012

Dental Project : Ultrasounique

It was April 7th, the date that I've waited for a pretty long time. It was my, let's say, monthly-versary date (although me and Lana was actually never really made this relationship official), plus we had a concert called Ultrasounique to be attended. I was sssooooo excited!! As I've said several days ago,  Raisa became the guest star on this event.


She sang very great, her outfit was just simply cool.. She's also cheerful and attractive. The energy and spirit was spread to all the spectators. We sang along together, yelling, doin a little jumping when Raisa asked us to stand up. Although the sound set was bad, she could tackle it and her performance was superb. She's just amazing and gorgeous.

Beside Raisa, there was RAN who's, as always, could bring the crowd to follow their beat. I didn't enjoy their performance, frankly because I've watched them for 3 or 4 times since their early stage when I was in high school, and I feel no special differences with their old performance.

Well, that's all for tonight.
Brace yourself, mid term exam is coming.

ps.: Save your date! June 2nd, 2012 for Economics Jazz Live. Sure we will serve you better, especially in sound set, lighting, and stage. B-)

07 April 2012


This is what I did to kill the time in this Easter long weekend besides preparing some Entrepreneur project with my team. Yep, making gif animation. I found this tutorial then tried to follow it. On the first trial, I was failed. Super failed. Couldn't save the animation because, I don't know how it could happen, my Photoshop was like too busy and need a force quit. Maybe because I put too much frames there or I opened too many tabs and windows so it gets confused and hang, and the worse I didn't even save my work yet. *sigh*

So this is my second trial and I think I like to make some other things like this. :D

The words was taken from Tortured Soul's song. The song I've shared in my old post; the song I do really love, the song that has a deep meaning to me, and the song that reminds me of my man. Happy seven, L! :)

And anyway, HAPPY EASTER for you and for all my friend who celebrate. May His grace always be surrounding us. God bless you. :)

03 April 2012

Hello, April!

So yeah, it's already a new month again. New calendar sheet on the wall and on the planner book. Still remember how finally I turned into twenty last month; the fears and nerves, the little surprise from my college friends and got an unromantic birthday present from my unromantic boyfriend (just because it was unwrapped and without any surprises. But anyway, I love it so much), then now those things just flown away and the things left are just the slides of memories in mind and some pictures that ever taken.
My birthday tiramisu cake from Dhea & Firra
Wishes behind the 3D Japanese postcard from Danang
Make-up brush kit from mom and dad. Maturity present?

Thanks, L :)

How I adore her voice and appearance sooo much. How her heavy voice reaches the high tone, her head voice, improvisations, and outfits, and aaall her stuff. I learn a lot from her. So exciting that Raisa will come to the town this weekend! :D

By the way, last night I was changing the layout and design of this blog. I tried white theme instead of black to make it fresher and trying something new since I had never changed my theme from black after all this time. 

Well, I hope everything is undercontrol and going well this month. Bless me for my mid term exam. Let's say hi to April!