30 December 2012

A Year End Note

The year leaves me unanswered questions. What path I should take, what way I should go, what am I going to be, and zillion questions about future. The worse is, when I felt so confident with the decision made, it led to another question about the achievement and the fruitfulness after.

You know, I've never been good at planning my life as I always distracted by anything more interesting when my plan is on going. I never set a big plan for future even I never made kind of new year resolution. I usually go with the flow, wherever life takes me. And yeah, that makes me get pain in the ass by now. The planning about future always haunt and confusing me as I started my last year of uni. I've tried many things according to my interest, but none of them is something I've settled in.

Maybe the route won't always straight. Maybe the things I've done before could lead me to something big. I don't know. 

Just like taking a taxi cab, it can bring you anywhere yet fares as where you are heading to.