25 December 2011

The Last Month

Here I am in the silent night. A literally silent, not in the condition of silence in deep sincerity of worship or silent night as a gospel. I'm sad. That's why I don't play any songs or turn my radio up. I've just lost Shila this evening. I've tried to find her anywhere. I walk through the street in front of my house and found nothing. I've looked for her in every corner of my house, and still found nothing. Hope you'll be okay wherever you are, Shila. Surely me, mom, Chimo, and your kids will be missing your mew, your cheerful run, and the warm attention and protection to your kids. :'(

Well, anyway, Merry Christmas to you all who celebrates. May the love from heaven spread and sent to all of us. :)

New year is only few days away from now. Gonna prepare some targets and resolutions for the next year so I could manage my life better. And yeah, this will be my first movement of making this kind of thing. :-S

05 December 2011

Loving You Tonight

And I'll say hey,
You'll say baby, Hows your day
I'll say crazy,
But its all gonna be alright

You'll kiss my smile,
I'll pull you closer,
Spend awhile just gettin' to know ya,
But its all gonna be alright,
Loving you tonight

I once listened to this song yesterday on my ride back home after my university softball league. I stunned and tried to listen carefully on every word Andrew Allen sang. Surprisingly, this song is really me. I don't care whether it's only gonna be a top40 song which means it won't exist or still good to listen for long time, this song is really reflecting what happened to me and my man. I'll come to him everyday, telling these and those about my activities with my burdened face, while he's smiling listen to me, saying that everything will be okay. 

I messed up my Research Method individual presentation last week. That was kinda crap situation when the lecturer slaughtering my work. That's my worst worst presentation ever in my school age. Then I came to his house right away after class, almost crying before caught his house and finally see his face and he calmed me down.

I don't know how he could be much calmer than me in facing problems. That makes me look selfish when I'm grumble too much to him. "Venus and Mars" rules?

10 November 2011

Karya Video Pertama

Jadi postingan ini adalah perpaduan antara iseng- iseng posting gara- gara bosen browsing dan mempermalukan diri sendiri atas karya yang pas- pasan ini.

Dengan berbekal DSLR pinjaman, lensa fix (yang alhamdulillah) milik sendiri, plus peralatan editing cupu seadanya (Ulead), akhirnya jadilah video teaser untuk Colorful Creatia ini. Sayangnya pada hari H saya nggak bawa tripod atau monopod plus waktu itu saya sedang masuk angin akut sampai melakukan gerakan-gerakan aneh bak cacing kremi yang pada akhirnya berujung K.O. dan minta tolong Ardhana, partner kerja saya, untuk mengantar pulang di tengah- tengah sesi pemotretan.

Minta saran, kritik, dan komennya ya. Atau sekedar mampir-mampir nonton videonya juga nggak papa. :)

29 October 2011

Greetings from Backyard

Kepo. It turned to be Aji's, Dhea's bf, just tonight. Bye Kepo..
Jarwo. My man's favorite. The male and the pure-black one. :3
Snowy. The only white kitty & the thinnest one.

Belang. I have no idea for her name. Just call her "belang" that means stripes in English.

Anybody wants to take care of them? Just call me. :)

25 October 2011

Best Feeling Ever

Last weekend was awesome because I FINALLY (caps lock + bold :p) could get my own quality time for refreshment. On Saturday I got an escape for a little picnic with my man. I tried a downhill track surround his villa (or whatsoever it called) in Cangkringan, Kaliurang with his downhill bike (I feel cool riding it anyway :p), had a delizioso soto for breakfast near his villa, had a long time warm chatting and cuddling, and a short tea time with the villa keeper's family. A super lovely day ever. :)

After that, I went to Creatia's work station to help my friend, Ahong, making a craft project from wool. This was so tiring yet exciting! I love making craft. :D

In the next day I went to Craft Carnival. I was super duper excited because all this time I could only watch their crafts and works from blogs. I also joined a workshop of making postcard from stencil and brush made by Mas Ojan (Nest of Ojanto), my favorite crafter.

 I also bought some old sticker as souvenir for my man and a pocket note book made by Tarlen Handayani that I've just discovered her blog lately. Cool, eh? I love BW coloring and I love a mysterious picture like this. :D

I hope I could join many craft workshops and go to this kind of event as much as possible to appreciate and buy their craft (since I didn't bring much money to last Sunday Craft Carnival *sigh*).

Happiness is the state of mind. You don't wait for it to come, you create one. Do something you really like because you're only live once.Then you're gonna get the best feeling after doing what you like as where your passion run into. -bonscha

So, next project: KNITTING!

October Flies Fast

I kinda lost my rhythm of life lately. My schedule gets messy even I often lose control of my temper (sorry Love, I always put you as my temper victim). I'm working on a yearbook organizer named Colorful Creatia now. On its first year merger with Colorful Photography, we usually have a meeting on late night til early morning because in the afternoon we're busy with our college activities. It's like we set and started everything up from the bottom. I'm happy to work with many young talented, creative, and passionate people.

Beside that, I still challenged myself to accept many activities that propose to me, especially singing. I love to sing, but I don't like the rehearsal. It takes too much time though. And sometimes it becomes exhausting especially when it take place in the night. So I had to divide my nights into several activities such as meetings, rehearsals, and do assignments.

This semester's assignments are cruel. Every subject has their own difficulties of assignments and I sometimes fed up with them. I always did everything in rush and become a last minute person. The big problem is, I have a really bad time management since I'm a kind of yes-man person and it's like I wanna put almost everything as my priority. Bad!

I feel that this semester, especially this month, flies fast. I always hear the radio announcer asking "What's your weekend plan?" in Thursday and read in twitter some people saying "hate to face Monday" on Sunday. It keeps rolling on every week.

I really thank God that I've got a man that can be my personal manager, an understanding friend, a sharing partner, a wise adviser, and a temper and stress reducer. He keeps remind me to limiting the jobs that come to me and also remind me a simple thing such as eat. He is also funny and we usually laugh at our own silly things we did. He hugged me when I'm angry and rub my back anytime I feel tired. Those are my best cure of all bad moods and he always there for me.

Well, this is almost the end of October and I hope next month I could do better than this. More organized and putting the primary activity as my priority. I'll do everything you've suggested me, L. Thanks. :)

A drawing made by me

#nowplaying Home To You - Tortured Soul

I know you're there for me even when you're angry
I don't need to yell you "no I'm sorry baby"
when I get back you know we have to make up
I'll come and whisper to you "baby wake up"

I can't wait to get home to you
without your love nothing feels quite right

A cool band that always reminds me of my lovely talented drummer everytime I listen to their songs. Maybe they have a similar beat of drum play or something. imy L :)

05 September 2011

Annual Ritual

May His grace and joy always be surrounding us, our family, and our beloved persons so we can meet and enjoy next year's Ramadhan and Eid Mubarrak togehter with them.

Happy Eid Mubarrak 1432 Hijriah

24 August 2011

01 August 2011

#nowplaying Destiny - Homogenic

To be at your side, whenever, wherever
To be in your heart, whenever, wherever

Just made a new header (or logo or whatever it called) yesterday and gave a little touch to here and there, also resizing the pictures. I hope you like it. :) Anyway happy fasting for my Moslem friends. God bless. :)

08 July 2011

Efek Rumah Kaca

The session of having fun, in the mood of practicing and miss to press my shutter button in some concert or gig. Here they are.

I don't know why the committees (or whosoever behind the sets) used red light most of time, especially to the drummer and guitarist. The spot light only shone to the vocalist. Those red lights made some distractions and dis-focused to the pictures taken. Dislike! But this is the challenge; to learn how to reduce effects of red light. Read Todd Owyoung's tips about dealing with the red light here.

Anyway, tell me if you have information about some upcoming gigs or concerts via comment in here or twitter :)

04 July 2011

The Fourth of July

"Men are like wine: some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age"

By now, you're turning to be twenty. The age of, people say, maturity.
Dream high, struggle more, and learn much. Reach your dream and never be afraid to fall, as you thought me. I wish you can be more and more creative, wise, mature, patient, and every-single-good-thing of you can be raised well.

Wishing you happiness today and always.

ps.: Got inspired by Theo's drawing on his blog. I tried to made one in couple weeks ago and decided to upload it in the "good" time. Heheh

19 June 2011

Economics Jazz 2011

Well, I actually don't know what to do in this bad Sunday morning. Parents are going and leave myself alone at home. Considering that I haven't post anything this month, I'm thinking about to share some picts of my last event, Economics Jazz 2011 (EJ2011). But you know, I don't think I really want to share the pictures I took during the EJ2011 show. I didn't do my best.

So I'll just share some pictures of the committees and pre-event.

Day minus one

The Day

See ya on the next event! :)