31 December 2009

last post on 2009

thanks for giving me so much sadness, happiness, tears, laughs, and much more lessons of life.
:) :)

30 December 2009

RIP Gus Dur

the former president of Indonesia has passed away today at 6:45 pm.
frankly, i really lost his wise, jokes, and his simple thought, especially when he say "gitu aja kok repot".
so far, i see politicians usually think hard for some simple problems. or they're trying to look smart by thinking hard. no one could have his unique and simple thoughts.

Good Bye Abdurrahman Wahid.. Good Bye Gus Dur..
may you get the best place beside Him

27 December 2009


it's random and blured. why does it still seem so beautiful?

the answer will never explained obviously, life said.
but you can always find every-single-missing-puzzle-part to combine into a whole beautiful picture of life.


joy to the world!
:) :)

sorry for late posting. got many things to do during my dad's holiday at home so i couldn't reach the internet as much as days before.

:) :)

24 December 2009

Buat Kamu - Syaharani

bintang2 tak bicara
walaupun seribu nada
kau nyanyikan malam ini

kau tau cinta bukan tabir kata
tak perlu kau tunggu slamanya
kau impikan malam ini

tak perlu dekat jika hati bisa rasakan hadirnya
tak perlu terungkap sebab hidup rahasia
bagiku cukup untuk nikmati apa yang ada dan terjadi
semua kan mengerti

this song means a lot for me. especially now. :')

22 December 2009


the room's filled already. but too much people inside! too crowded!
and i can feel my head's spinning and i can't breathe well.
i'm weak and limp.
thanks for hurting.

“When it comes to affairs of love and hurt, you have to wait for your heart to learn what your head already knows, then You can break free”

21 December 2009


don't ever think that being lonely and empty is stifling.
emptiness sometimes worth
or at least don't make it worse

this is actually a self-suggestion. yes, for myself. i feel like losing something that i haven't even get it yet. give up? almost. i'm an inch to the despair line.