20 September 2009

Eid Mubarrak

dear readers, happy Eid Mubarrak! :D
this is a special day for me and for us who are Moslem. but the fact, i spent almost a whole this-first-Eid-day for just SLEEPING! ahahaha. i dont know why i feel so sleepy this afternoon. i slept like i just took

but before i was going to my dreamland, i did a little tradition w my little family. it called "sungkeman"; time for forgive each others' mistakes n begging for any good prayer from the olds. :)

bytheway, i'm gonna go to my parents' hometown in East Java; Ponorogo and Surabaya-Madura.

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yes, this is the moment i'm waiting the most. the time when i can meet my big family, and of course (hoping to) get money from the olds. ahahaa :))