30 May 2010

What was on May?

Well, I actually have so much to tell to you all. Been more than a month didn't even touch this site, OMG! Really, this is a hectic busy month on this year. I tagged many activities on my calendar and planner-book. They are Debating Competition on the early month, Charity event, selector on two open-recruitment's in the same week, Charity event (again) with different organization, assignment-assignment-assignment, and the last...


Sold out in D-16 \:D/

There, I took a part as PHOTOGRAPHER. (thanks dhea for your support)
I shot many photos. I learned so much here. This event was different from the previous events I grabbed-in such as Ngayogjazz and Java Jazz. Here was so many rules, for example I couldn't be right in front of the stage for long time. The spectators also sit down and dancing was prohibited.

Anyway, here's some shots I took..

confetti!! \:D/

I'm happy to be one of this SUPER GREAT TEAM. We did very well; worked hard on the days before until this event ended.

So guys, see you on the next event! :)

ps: this May was a very beautiful month. I've found my mood-booster and my energy's charger. Fatty sweet ciggar-smelled boy. I'll tell you later! ;)