26 October 2012

A Late Post About An Escape

I was escaping a rehearsal for a concert held on the next week. I was both player and committees. How bad was that. Anyway. 

It's good sometimes, to get your phone off or signal lost for a whole day. Go to the beach or highlands. No disruption. Just you with your friend, enjoying your me-time, getting your periodic-body-maintenance, or whatsoever you call it. Go get some refreshment, filling your lungs with fresh air, free your mind, laugh, shout, everything makes you happy.

I mean, come on. Money is not everything. You're gonna be in a serious trouble if you're working hard to earn money you think you could allocate them for something you do really like but you don't even have time to spend it for things make you happy. (Nah, I should note this for my self too)

Live your life fully. 

15 October 2012


When it rains, people grumble. Shoes get wet, clothes can't dry, difficult to mobile. When sunbeam stings, people reluctant to go out, avoiding its heat. How we as human could easily dropped down into dissatisfaction of something actually the best that had given to us. We usually value other person's life better than us without thinking on how good our life actually works. 

I once read a pretty motivational tweet (at least for me) popped in my timeline retweeted by somebody in the mid day when I was working behind the table, saying:

 “It's normal to complain about life. That makes us human. As long as we know when to stop, be grateful and smile again.

At this period of my anomaly life, I'm thinking positively that I'm actually intangibly investing for my future until I go back into the passion I'll be dying to fight for. Sometimes the path available in front of us wasn't straight and we have to find the way to go back by ourselves. Passion is in you, and will never move from you. It's a home, right in your soul.

So be grateful and smile again.