22 April 2017


After thousands of drafts,
Many unwritten stories,
Unspoken thoughts,
Regardless that my blog account almost gone, I am trying to post this one

Now I finally here with some tagline says “time flies”
Quarter life
The ages when the young me always imagine how would it feel to be at the current me

The things I’ve planned in my early 20’s are barely touchable
(Well, not that I was planning something huge but at least those are dreams and dreams should always be dreams, anyway)

People say, early twenties are important as you’ll get major changes in life after some decision that brought you to your first stepping stone
I agree

I stroll around my old posts and read some of them
There was, I keep reminding myself to get back when I’m lost
Lost to what I actually aim of
Lost to the things I dreamed of
Or getting away to my passion I called home of my soul

But that’s about life
: Choice
Whether you have to sacrifice yours or others’
We can never please everyone, right?

After all,
We’ll work on the plan B
The spontaneous yet continuous one
: Cherish the life