21 April 2010

Girl Power

Men sometimes look us as mushy figures.
Judge us as weak creatures.
Tears are our weapon to get somebody else's caring, they say.


Trust me, Girl, the only person who can make you stronger is YOURSELF.
This is just about how you can control yourself and suggest that you are the hero of yourself.

My basic principle is that I will never crying-like-a-baby because of a boy. And here I am, still had never been crying even when I dumped and foolishly betrayed by a boy I loved so much.
That principle really made me stand as a tough girl. I never beg him back into my life to re-coloring my days. He left me, I was deeply hurt, I was sad, then I tried to move on however hard it is, however it takes a very long time.

Believe me, the bitterness that ever happened in your life will be just a memory. A memory that someday you can tell to someone else with smile, to make her stronger, as strong as you did or even more. :)

Girl, I know you're all STRONG.

You can be so much STRONGER that you've ever thought.


Today, this is not anymore about emancipation but how we can be strong and stand by our own super girl power. That is how modern emancipation works.

Spread the girl power!

20 April 2010

Fluctuating Love

Blogging again, finally. Love again, hell-finally. Hahaha sucks! Should I write it here? Ah that's up to you, Bonscha! This place's yours! Pretend that you don't care if he reads it. Ok, let's begin.

A week ago, I felt like I was walking in the air. High, floaty, swinging, and happy. That was a (re-)new feeling of mine to him; a person that since Valentine's Day I've left my feeling behind. I was not confidence, maybe. I thought that he's looking for another type of girl that the personality is too different to me. You know, I stepped back.

As time goes by, I was always comparing every guys who chased me to him. He was all criteria. He was the package. He was the most perfect figure that can't be described by others personality. Stuck on him? Desperately, right! I thought I've really put off my feelings, but in fact he's running around my head. DARN

Then right a week ago, accidentally we were going together. No feelings, at first. As the traffic was jamming and we've got our time longer n we talked much, I was feeling awkward; suddenly realized that all I need is in front of my eyes n like waiting to be caught soon. I tried hard to act casually then. That made me flying in the sky above for a whole week. I'm in love again, I said to myself.

But right on this time, I feel useless! What do I aim? Waiting for someone who doesn't even notice me? STUPID!

"If he's not that worth it to be fight for, leave him! If you've struggled so much but he doesn't even notice and doesn't give any feedback, leave him!" -Nabilla Aghniarizqa

Because we, girls, deserve to get better one even the best.

Well, I think it's better to leave myself at the zero point, that I have feelings to no one. Let love find a way.

spread the love,
good night.