28 May 2012

A Little Reunion

On Saturday night, Theo visited my house to practice some cute songs for a garage sale event on May 31st. Suddenly, Theo was giving me the beat. Paramore!

This band was always on our playlist when we were high school. We've covered many of their songs and being their big fans. Hayley Williams inspired me so much on how she sang powerfully with a very active and attractive stage performance, catching up the high tones, and her unbeatable energy. Each member of Paramore was giving a huge energy to the stage and spread it to the spectators, to the fans, by their head-bangs, their jumps, and of course their music.

These videos was like a reunion, especially for me. I had a 5-membered-band who used to be together until universities do us apart. Hahahaa. Yap. We're seperated and had so minimum quality time to gather. Finally after we lose one of our guitarist, we changed our genre into somekindlike acoustic indie-pop. It was very hard to stand together with this form. Till then the two of us four, me and Theo, started to make a new project. We're planning to keep this acoustic indie-pop genre with some touches from other instruments. Hopefully we can survive until our album (or at least EP) produced. :)

I made many mistakes there. It was quite long time not singing their song so I forget several parts of the songs and lyrics. Sorry :p

In Some Fine Friday Morning

 Backyard, May 25, 2012

26 May 2012


A cloudy afternoon, windy evening, lovely day. 
Beach never gets me bored. 
When will we meet again?


08 May 2012

High-Risk, High-Return

As I learned from a "high-risk high-return" investment phrase, if we want to get high return and benefit we must sacrifice more and take a higher risk.  Just like another phrase "lose some get some." We've taken this alternative anyway; sacrificing things in my life and so did he. So I hope we can go through for years ahead, make our dreams come true, and living happily without any failures and distractions here and there. Let's do our best to get the "high-return."

I'm sure, with you, there's only a phrase: "lose some get more."