21 March 2010


He could be anywhere.
He could be a person who walked behind me in the mall.
He could be a person who repaired my car.
He could be the guitarist of whatever-band I saw the show.
He could be anything, he could be nobody.
He could be my school-mate, he could be my senior even junior, or.. he could be someone that totally new in my life.

I have no clue.
We all have no clue. Not even one of us.
This is the most mysterious and precious secret of God.


Don't you curious about that?

18 March 2010

Stay Young

I've just reached eighteen.
Two years to go to be twenty.

picture by Dhea Laras, on my birthday dinner. thanks dear :*

It feels like I don't wanna grow old.
I don't wanna feel old.

At least, I wanna keep -teen on my age instead of -ty.

Who's in the earth wants to be old?
If life is a multiple-choice, people must choose STAY YOUNG answer rather than GROWING OLD.

ps.: it's written at 3:15 am. in random-feelings and wondering how my twenties will be and the long life after that.

09 March 2010

Java Jazz, Camera, and Birthday

Howdy bloggie! :)
I'm sorry I couldn't write anything during Java Jazz Festival last week. I thought I can find any internet connection easily on the venue. In fact we have to pay some charge if we wanna use wi-fi connection. *sigh
And you know, my home internet connection's becoming jerk and worse everyday. It's difficult to upload any picture. Any size of picture, for-the-god-sake!!! *groaaarrrr

So, I'm playing with my luck. Trying to upload some of them. Here they go..
Barry Likumahuwa Project


Ian. he's also on the Syaharani's band

Jane Monheit

the guitarist of Tika and the Dissidents. isn't he cute? :3

Indra Azis who sings "Jakarta City Blues"

The Maestro: Bubi Chen

silhouette of Roy Hargrove

Too dark?
Too bright?
Yes. As an amateur, I realize those weakness.

The point is in fact I like capturing concert. I like the way I snatch for the good place n angle with other photographers. I like patiently waiting for the good lighting so that I won't get an over-exposure picture (moreover I'll get a good back-light, too). I like to be on the very first line of the audience, even right in front of the stage. :)

Unfortunately, I wasn't come into the special shows like Manhattan Transfer and John Legend. The audience were way too much and crowded. My desire of taking any picture of them was vanished. But anyway, I had a chance to join the press-conference of John Legend on the first day.

pictures were taken by Erson Padapiran, my partner(-in-crime) :p

I enjoyed this new experience. :)

The greatest present of this year's birthday was, at twelve o'clock on March 8, 2010 I was on Bob James's performance and being right in front of his mini-stage, and I was only a meter away from him!!

Hey, doesn't it random that I actually working on a radio station but I keep pressing the shutter-button?

Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes the furthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The 'sure thing' boat never gets far from shore. -Dale Carnegie

04 March 2010

Java Jazz 2010 (part 1)

Oh Thanks God I'm finally connected!!

Wassup, people?
I'm now already in Jakarta for attending Java Jazz Festival 2010. I'm a reporter for Ardia FM, the radio i've been working for about a year. This is a jazz radio and we're also one of Java Jazz Festival's media partner.
This is really a big luck for me. At first, I was really confused because of the new faculty rules about 100% attendance. But after I was thinking of the benefits I'll get from this event I decide to totally joined this. This is my decision, and I have to be responsible with all risks facing me.

Well, that's all for today. Catch you up tomorrow, Fellas! :)

ps: I'm posting from J-Co in Mall Of Indonesia, Jakarta and the lamps start went off. 10:30 pm already. lalalalalaaa
and yeah, this is my second day in Jakarta. Tomorrow, March 5th will be the first day of Java Jazz Festival. wish me luck for those reportage. See ya! :) :)