29 February 2012

Sawasdee Khap, Phuket!

This is some little part of my trip in Thailand. On the first night, me and my travel mates (Firra, Angur, Iqbal) were staying in Phatong Beach, the most expensive place among all of our destinations. Then in the morning, we took some kind of traditional bus (named songthaew) to Phuket town. I love Phuket very much.

The lovely old buildings, nice beaches, and awesome foods treated us very well in Phuket. Many artsy cafe built in the artistic buildings. Beside serving foods and beverages, they sell many unique things and toys. Some of them decorate it with old stuff or posters.


The sea? The beaches? Don't ask. It was sooo clean. We went to Phiphi Island. We followed a program from local travel agent that provides us snorkeling (2x), lunch, and also take a trip to the islands using speed boat near Phiphi. It costs 1,350 Baht. Beaches never fail anyone. Or at least me. :D


Thailand is also a kingdom of food. They served me many good foods and almost never failed me. I ordered these ducks only in a small stall in front of Phuket bus station. I never got this kind of good-tastes-food in front of any bus station in my country because they usually make some simple, and sometimes, crude foods.
Duck rice + duck soup with noodles. Those all for me because of wrong communication when order it. -_-
Rotee (?)
Fried chicken meatball or something + Thai sauce. Nom nom nom

Phuket gives me so much inspirations. In architecture, in workplace design, in cooking, and also in cleanliness.
Khop khun khap, Phuket! :)

Firra took the photos using my fix lens and voila! Blurrry

ps.: Sawasdee Khap means 'hello' while Khop Khun Khap means 'thank you'