25 December 2011

The Last Month

Here I am in the silent night. A literally silent, not in the condition of silence in deep sincerity of worship or silent night as a gospel. I'm sad. That's why I don't play any songs or turn my radio up. I've just lost Shila this evening. I've tried to find her anywhere. I walk through the street in front of my house and found nothing. I've looked for her in every corner of my house, and still found nothing. Hope you'll be okay wherever you are, Shila. Surely me, mom, Chimo, and your kids will be missing your mew, your cheerful run, and the warm attention and protection to your kids. :'(

Well, anyway, Merry Christmas to you all who celebrates. May the love from heaven spread and sent to all of us. :)

New year is only few days away from now. Gonna prepare some targets and resolutions for the next year so I could manage my life better. And yeah, this will be my first movement of making this kind of thing. :-S

05 December 2011

Loving You Tonight

And I'll say hey,
You'll say baby, Hows your day
I'll say crazy,
But its all gonna be alright

You'll kiss my smile,
I'll pull you closer,
Spend awhile just gettin' to know ya,
But its all gonna be alright,
Loving you tonight

I once listened to this song yesterday on my ride back home after my university softball league. I stunned and tried to listen carefully on every word Andrew Allen sang. Surprisingly, this song is really me. I don't care whether it's only gonna be a top40 song which means it won't exist or still good to listen for long time, this song is really reflecting what happened to me and my man. I'll come to him everyday, telling these and those about my activities with my burdened face, while he's smiling listen to me, saying that everything will be okay. 

I messed up my Research Method individual presentation last week. That was kinda crap situation when the lecturer slaughtering my work. That's my worst worst presentation ever in my school age. Then I came to his house right away after class, almost crying before caught his house and finally see his face and he calmed me down.

I don't know how he could be much calmer than me in facing problems. That makes me look selfish when I'm grumble too much to him. "Venus and Mars" rules?