04 February 2011


HAHA. Well, I don't know how to start. But... you know. This is ultimately funny. The fact is, I write this right after I broke up with my boyfriend. Yap. It ends. It has just ended.

This is so painful for me since I'm actually still loving him. And... this is so true, bold, and deep (too much information, uh? :p) But yeah.. I think this is the best way. Hahhhhhhh..

We've kept on silence for more than a week. I was angry, and he did that too. We were arguing. But then, after those nine-silent-days, we got a chat on Yahoo Messenger (yes, I propose to break up by chat HOAHAHAHA), I... I don't know why after that all I can do just... haha.. Laugh! Isn't it funny? (it's ok if you say crazy)

I was.. trembling. And yes, crying. But now, after we know that we could be better this way, all I can do is just.. smiling. Smile for those losing burdens, smile for a better relationship, and smile for this kind of new friendship. Let say "it refreshed". Yay!! :D

Ok. This is just a spontaneous post. Pardon my bad grammar. I'm still... HAHAHA you know. *wiping tears* ----> dramatizing LOL

At last, thank you Muhamad Archard Taufan Janitra. For those sadness, pains, hurts, suffers, sickness, aches........ (Wait. Did I only mention the bad things? HAHAHA no no, that totally kidding. Don't take it too serious. You know me. :p)
Ok, once again...


ps.: I said thankyou but why I display my present for you? That place should be for your present for me, right? Hahaha