31 December 2010

New Year 2011

I still remember the memories of last year's new year's eve.
Me with my best friends were gathering and made a little party.
That night, I went home earlier. Dad forbid me to sleep over.

The time's running so fast.
The ups, the downs.
Failed, succeed.
Reporting Java Jazz Festival, and then become the photographer of UGM BNI Jazz.
Another job for capturing moment on Economics Jazz Live and the Discover Indonesia Orchestra.

Met my new family, Economics Session Band.

pict by Dhea Laras

Fallin love, chasing, and stepped back.
Dumped the bastard, and then forgive him.
And then fallin love again, and having a big eager to make it long lasting.

"We fight, we break up. We kiss, we make up"
Thakyou for fulfilling the emptiness in this half year.

was really a maturity year.
It's also a year that I saw many dramas in my life, and learn how to not generalized all the good people.
Good always good, but there are also many devils behind the good faces. Just for my note to be careful.

It'll be coming tonight.
As what I did last year, I'll enjoy it with my best friend.
And daddy allows me to sleep over. The biggest difference between last year and the present.
This is what I call maturity.
Am 18, and I have more responsibility to take in the next year on 19.

I've wrote some resolution for 2011. The thing I was never done before.
Hope I can write here very soon in order to remind me during next year.

Bye all! I've got to go.
Enjoy your party.
Party safe.