20 August 2010

The 21st and the 3rd

ps.: Sorry I couldn't play the harmonica. I was just... um... I had not enough confidence to show it to you. I was nervous and my hands was trembling so bad though I've played it thousand times all day, and even a minute just before I called you. Poor me. :(
And.. I know I wasn't the first person who sent you birthday wishes, but I'm trying to be the LAST person who close your day with this wish. HBD Love, have a blast, have a long life. :)

13 August 2010

#random mumbling 2

Thankyou for always listening and successfully make me feel guilty by never listen You back.
Thankyou for welcoming me on Your door anytime I need shelter, then finally regret the way I often close my door for You.
Thankyou for calming me down by Your mysteriously-magical way whenever I need.
And thankyou for Your surprisingly-beyond-the-thoughts answers.

Well, I'm totally not Your good kid but... Let me just say thanks for everything.

ps.: Never get bored to my stories, ok? It's always nice to talk with You. Can we meet again tomorrow? ;-)

02 August 2010

Moving On

This is a new song from a young talented jazz singer, Andien.

For those who are just betrayed or broken heart... or maybe still remembering the same one, change your mellow and sad songs on your playlist NOW! Try to listen something that gives and suggests you positive energy. Just like this song; Moving On. :)

ps.: This post is dedicated to my bestie Melati Adriansyah who's on her way moving on. Even she made her own hastag on twitter, #MoM, or "Move on, Melati". I like her spirit, by the way. And for you Sist, you have to enjoy your last month on Karimunjawa with anything fun. Kamuja is heaven, you know. You should do random things like what Andien did on this video. Trust me, random things always surprising. You should come home with a moved-on heart. Promise me you will! Can't wait to see you on Ardia's call box. :) Go #MoM!