30 July 2009


have u ever feel like losing something?
u've ever got it. but that time, u just wanna throw it away. so far away from your face that u can't even see it again. moreover, you really HATE it.
but when it lost n disappear, u'll miss it. really confusing, uh?


a really simple word but means everything.

it's been 2 days since his last text saying "ok, take care". well, that should be enough for me coz that's wad actually i wanted before. not to overprotect n over-care.
but, oh, come ooon, i'm now sick. and the text just say good nite will be enough for me before heading for the pills n pillow.

alright, just try to think positive. maybe we just waiting each other. he waits my text, so do i. wait for his text.
wait for one of us fix it up.
or break it up.

is it the time to say goodbye?