31 January 2012

End of January?

Are you kidding me? Is it already the last day of this first month?? Oh man, the time flies too fast even I haven't start to plan for next steps. It's like, it's just yesterday when I came home after my short trip to Kediri on the new year's eve . Then I was getting through the exam weeks. And then felt the euphoria of holiday. And now this is already the end of January tat also means the holiday will end soon!

So, it's cloudy when I write this. An uncommon condition that it's almost 8 o'clock in the morning and the sun still not coming out. Yesterdays, we had sun in the morning, wind in the afternoon, and rain in the evening. Typical and almost everyday. Well, I hope the earlier days of February will come with nice weather especially in South-east Asia region. I'm planning for a vacation with my friends. I do really hope that the flights will be fine and the things we do there will be fun. Hope rain won't ruin everything.

Haha I'm not really good at writing. Even this post has no particular meaning actually. I was just waking up too early in this slow and free day (like about 5 or 5:30 am.) and don't know what to do after writing some notes of to-do list for today. Maybe I'll just cuddling with the cats and make some breakfast after this. Hope you enjoy your day as well. :)

And yeah. I'll upload a special picture of me and my cat. My favorite picture lately. Tadaaa!

Cruela-wanna be. No, he's not dead. I just put him over my shoulder to make it looks like a fur shawl.
Bye! :D

09 January 2012


Ok, the final exam week has began already. But I don't know why I have no chemistry to study or even doing my final papers. I'm a deadliner and a procrastinator. The brilliant ideas to be written on won't be coming till the deadline is really close. So I just spent this D-1 final exam for blog-walking and tada! I discovered a blog that really inspiring me and put her as my role model right away. Rach from VizBasix.

I like sketching but I can't sketch. Hahaha. I didn't know how to start and who to follow. From her blog I found a link of sketching tutorial. So today, I've already made 2 sketches. First one is the sketch I follow her tutorial. And the second one is the sketch of Clara Devi in her old archive (I really meant to sketch her but I think the result is way to far from the original photo HAHAHA). Well, I don't feel confidence with the result but I think this is a good start. :p

Crudely retouched in photoshop. Somebody please teach meeeeee!!! :O

I remembered my childhood dream when I was sketching. Not engineer or doctor or even president as many kids dreaming. I was dreaming to be a.... *uhuk*... A fashion designer. GAHAHAHAHA the dream that is not reflecting myself now; my lifestyle, my dressing style, and my careless-and-a-bit-boyish attitude. :))

Ok, that's all for today. I'll try to study anything tonight. Ciao!

04 January 2012

Two Thousand and Twelve

Well, I hope this is not too late to say but.. Happy new year everyone! :)
Everyone doesn't stop guessing and predicting what will happen in 2012. Instead of that, let's hope for a joyful year with a better life for all of us.

I spent the new year's eve with mom and dad in a small and quite town; the town where I grew up till I was 4 years old: Kediri. It was not bad at all. I found no crowded streets, traffic jams, overwhelming people's yells, and all those rush things that happened in my city because it's one of the most travel destinations people usually go. Went to that small town is a good escape anyway.

The last cloudy twilight on 2011
Raining all over the night
Thank God the rain stopped few minutes before 12 am.