01 November 2010

Just Saying Hi

Well, long time not writing here. College were a bit more crazy this semester. And I actually still have some stocks of stage-photo to upload and pictures from several events held in my campus that I really want to share here. But since my computer's power goes down and it works SLOWLY, I couldn't do much. Photoshop doesn't work well. The worst shit happened lately, I lost my external harddisk. Means that I lost my old pictures, Java Jazz, Ngayogjazz, and most of my earlier photographs. Pathetic. :(

Ok, forget about sadness. Let's move on. By the way, now I really in the mood of making video with DSLR. Many inspirations come and I don't know why they look SUPER COOL even the maker said that that's the worst video they made. The worst still looks good if it taken by DSLR, in my opinion. Unfortunately, I haven't got one. So, my #novemberwish would be : God please send down a Canon 7D or Nikon D300 to me. HAHA

This is one of my favorite video. I like both of the video and song. When you're in love, every love song seems suit you. And I think this suits me enough.

Or am I too in love?